Welcome to Texans for Homeschool Freedom!

Texans for Homeschool Freedom is a parental rights advocacy group dedicated to the support of families who apply their Constitutionally based liberty by choosing to take control of their children’s education in the manner and setting that is best suited to them.

Like our predecessors, the families that worked to ensure Texas homeschooling choice in Leeper decision, we come from the perspective of who we are: parents who are in the trenches teaching our children because other schooling venues were ineffective for them. We cooperate together from this common ground to inform legislators and policy makers through open dialogue towards the understanding and promotion of protecting parental rights, autonomy, and the ability to continue our endeavors in our domestic schools free from entanglements.

We are a not affiliated with any political party, person, group, for profit or non-profit organization, religious or non-religious group. As the folks doing the home educating, we speak for ourselves when it comes to advocating for our rights and freedom.

We are grassroots.

We are Texans for Homeschool Freedom.

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